Low-temperature transport physics of carbon nanotubes, graphene, and friends

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Prof. C. Strunk

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General remarks
  • 17.11.-10.12.2020; tuesday 14:00 EET / 13:00 CET (s.t.) and thursday 16:00 EET / 15:00 CET (s.t.)
  • Fully online via Zoom; if interested please contact me for the access data
  • Click here for the slides.
  • Lecture on 26.11. cancelled because of the QTF-SAB meeting

Lecture outline
  • Introduction
    • About Regensburg and me
    • Introducing carbon
    • Carbon nanotubes: Discovery and applications
    • Graphene: Discovery and applications
    • Quantum transport, a quick overview
  • Carbon nanotubes (I)
    • Carbon nanotube growth techniques
    • From graphene to a nanotube: zone folding and curvature
    • Measuring simple nanotube devices
    • Quantum dots and level spectroscopy
    • (More or less) single particle physics
  • Carbon nanotubes (II)
    • Cotunneling
    • Kondo effect
    • Luttinger liquid and Wigner crystal
    • Fabry-Perot interference
  • Carbon nanotubes (III)
    • Puzzles, challenges, ongoing research
    • Vibration modes
    • Classical beam mechanics
    • Detecting transversal vibration at room temperature
    • Detecting transversal vibration via Coulomb blockade
  • Carbon nanotubes (IV)
    • Mixing, noise, dissipation
    • Coherent self-oscillations
    • Longitudinal vibration and the Franck-Condon effect
    • Radial breathing mode in transport
  • Graphene (I)
    • Synthesis / growth / fabrication
    • Dispersion relation, DOS, Klein tunneling
    • Landau levels, quantum Hall effect
    • Nanodevices and quantum dots
    • Bilayer graphene
    • Twisted bilayer graphene

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