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AG PD Dr. Andreas K. Hüttel - nanotube transport & nanomechanics

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Single-wall carbon nanotubes are a fascinating material. They combine mechanical strength and lighness with the properties of a perfect metallic or semiconducting wire. Many applications of these macromolecules have been envisioned, both in industry and fundamental research.

These are the most well-known, but not the only type of nanotubes though. Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs), as, e.g., MoS2 and WS2, and many more "layer materials" form also tubular macromolecules. With strong spin-orbit interaction and intrinsic superconductivity, TMDCs promise fundamentally new behaviour and potential applications in quantum information science. At the same time they are already technically in use as a lubricant additive.

Here, in our research group at Regensburg University, we focus on the electronic and nano-electromechanical properties of nanotubes at ultra-low temperatures (T<100mK). Please have a look at out project page for the different research topics!

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